Thursday, July 21, 2011

How do you say “BB Gun” in Spanish?

No kidding, I don’tknow how to say it and it isn’t in the dictionary. Maybe they don’t have themhere. I know how to say "machine gun" but even I think that might be going overboard. I just spent 45 minutes on Google trying to come up with a way to get ridof the pigeons in the back area of my new building.

Violence ornon-violence? I could go either way if I don’t have to be raised from my sleepat 06:30 by the mad cooing of a half dozen of this species of flying rat. Iknow someone who had a pigeon trapped in her apartment for a weekend while shewas away and it did more damaged than a party hosted by a rock drummer, sodon’t tell me that they're harmless.

I’m not looking for awholesale slaughter of these flying pests but they don’t seem to respond to anyreasonable requests to vacate the area. It’s not like I’m opposed to a masskilling of these horrible city dwellers but I just don’t want to get personallyinvolved.

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