Sunday, July 10, 2011

Why You Should Take the Metro

Why should you take the metro? Because gasoline is horribly expensive. This picture was taken last night in Picassent, Spain. Gas is incredibly expensive in Spain and I can't believe people drive their cars to work from one side of Valencia to the other when you could walk this distance in less than an hour.

76€ to fill the tank of an average size car which is over $100 at the current rate of exchange and works out to less than 16 US gallons. Yikes! With gas at these prices driving certainly makes other forms of transportation a lot more attractive. For the price of one two tanks of gas you could buy a pretty good bicycle, or with only one tank you could pay four years of Valenbisi, or a lot of metro rides.

This update just in from Belgium. 10 liters less and even more expensive.

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