Monday, August 1, 2011

August in Valencia

Holgazenear - toidle, laze, or loaf around

I recently learned that you can use an infinitive in Spanishto answer a question. So if someone were to ask me what I’m doing thismonth of August I could reply with, “Holgazanear.”

What the hell else am I supposed to do? It’s August in Spain and not just Spainbut the endless beaches part of Spain, the part of Spain where other people inSpain go to goof off. Along this entire coast you can’t spit without hitting atopless beauty or a fat naked 60 year old German tourist. Of course I’m takingit easy, there’s nothing else to do. I’m no history expert but I’ll betevery battle the Spanish have ever lost took place in August when at least halfof their army was taking a trip to the beach with their families and the otherhalf was working in the family café trying to keep enough beer cold andsardines on the grill to serve the summer hordes.

Do you know how to tell when it’s August? It’s when you feela nap coming on and you woke up an hour ago.

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