Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The city that never sleeps is not New York

New York is often called ‘the city that never sleeps’ but in reality NY does not really deserve this title. But Cairo does, as results from a study of the social network site Badoo.com.

Researcher found out that New Yorkers sleep more than people from other big cities. This result is based upon 120 million chatconversations between 122 million people from 188 countries. Researchers examined at what time of the day or night the people were chatting.

The data showed that people from Cairo, Egypt, are most awake during the night. Montevideo and Beirut complete the top 3. It is remarkable that 6 Spanish cities appear in the top10. Valencia is number 8.

New York finishes at a disappointing 32nd place, and is lower ranked than London and Paris. Even in Brussels there is more nightlife than in the Big Apple. Remarkable.

The top10 is most awake cities in the world:

1. Caïro
2. Montevideo
3. Beirut
4. Malaga
5. Zaragoza
6. Madrid
7. Barcelona
8. Valencia
9. Seville
10. Buenos Aires

Other European cities:
11. Brussel
15. Lissabon
17. Londen
18. Parijs
27. Rome

32. New York

source: nieuwsblad

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  1. This doesn't mean that there is anything to do at night in these cities; it just states that more people are awake. A big difference.


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