Thursday, September 29, 2011

Another Day in Paradise

Back when I lived in rainy Seattle, as a joke, I used to comment to strangers on the street, “Another day in Paradise.” My irony was blatantly obvious because I would say this to someone at, let’s say, the bus stop in the pouring rain with a cold wind beating us in the face. Truth be told, I loved the terrible weather in Seattle during the winter and most Seattleites just ignore the worst of the weather. Complaining about the weather just isn’t really done there. I still use my “Another day in Paradise” line here in Valencia but with the difference being that I actually mean it. This year—especially the summer and now September—has been unbelievably gorgeous. Every day in September has been a beach day. This morning, for the first time since early May, I actually felt that putting on a shirt wouldn’t be a waste of a layer of clothing while walking around my apartment. Of course, this was at 07:00 and by 10:00 it will be quite a bit warmer.

Amost everyone here has grudgingly gone back to work or school, but the beaches are still there the last time I checked (just yesterday, actaully) and the water is warm.  I mention this just in case you are looking for a quick early-autumn vacation and are trying to decide on a location. Valencia: “Another day in Paradise.”

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