Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Iglesia de San Juan del Hospital

San Juan del Hospital is perhaps one of the oldest churches in Valencia. The land was bequeathed by King Jaime I during the conquest to the order of San Juan del Hospital and Malta who, as well as the church, built a hospital, a convent, and a cemetery.

The church exhibits both gothic and baroque styles and was built around 1261. It is reached by way of a Baroque-style house, has a single nave covered with a pointed barrel vault. Inside, you may contemplate the magnificent chapel of Santa Barbara and others chapels width painted murals from the Gothic period, discovered recently.

The San Juan del Hospital church is located between two of the most popular squares found in Valencia's old quarter: Plaza San Vicente Ferrer and Plaza de Nápoles y Sicilia. You can access the church from La Paz street.

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  1. We went to visit this church to see whether we could get married in it, but turned out it is an OPUS DEI church, and they did not dig the fact that I am a foreigner. Not a very cool place.


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