Friday, September 2, 2011

Patatas Bravas

Maybe my memory is failing me but patatas bravas is a dish you can find in almost any bar in Madrid and they mostly do it well. Not here in Valencia where the bravas in most bars leave a lot to be desired. Either they are bad or they are horribly expensive (upwards of 5€, that’s for a dish of potatoes!) or they are both expensive and bad. The true way to make bravas, like making good chips, is that you have to fry the potatoes twice: once in medium hot oil and again in really hot oil. I have seen dozens of recipes like in the video below where the potatoes are first boiled and then fried. These are NEVER as good as the ones that are fried twice.I have seen bars that microwave bravas!

How to make crispy chips:

You can borrow the techniques from that video and apply them to patatas bravas.

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