Thursday, September 27, 2012

A Night at the Movies

Cinestudio D’Or is a true relic from the past; a bargain cinema which plays a new double feature of recent films every week. Most of the films are dubbed into Spanish if foreign unless stated otherwise. The movies change every Monday and the price varies from 3.50 (weekday) to 4.50€ (weekends) and 3.00€ on Tuesdays. 
As far as movie snacks, they have a couple of machines for soda, coffee. and candy but feel free to bring your own. If you don't pack in beer or wine and a snack you'll be jealous of those around you who didn't make the same terrible mistake. What could be better on a very hot afternoon than a couple of good movies and a cold beer?

There is a Valenbisi station a few steps away on the corner of Reino de Valencia and Almirante Cardoso. There is also bike parking in  front of the theater. The #19 and #40 buses also stop on this corner.

This week:
del 24 al 30 de septiembre
18:30h. y 22:45h.

del 24 al 30 de septiembre
16:50h. y 21:10h.

Cinestudio D’Or

Almirante Cardoso 31, 46005

#963 955 433

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