Sunday, October 14, 2012

Getting Around in Valencia

from Spain Info

How to get around the city
Most of Valencia's monuments and important buildings are in the historic quarter, meaning that you can get about on foot if you wish. Another way to get to any part of the city is using the public transport system, which will take you to all the places of interest, such as the IVAM (Institute of Modern Art), the City of Arts and Sciences and the beach.
The metro system runs from 5.30 am to midnight, and station entrances are marked with the letter 'M'. Line no. 4 covers the main streets of the center, the port and the popular beach of La Malvarrosa.

You can also use the city buses. They run from about 4:30 am to 10:30 pm, although timetables vary according to the route. In summer there are extra services to the beach. To get around by night there are night buses which depart from the Town Hall square. They can be identified by an 'N' in front of their number, and run every day between 10:30 pm and 2 am (3.30 am on Fridays and the eve of public holidays).

Nevertheless, many people prefer the comfort of taxis when travelling by night. They run all day and night, and are white with the city crest and their license number on the side. You can flag them down in the street when the green light is on. Otherwise there are taxi ranks or you can order them by telephone using the radio taxi service. Tariffs are visible inside the cars, with the total price displayed on a meter, and include charges for flag-down, kilometers travelled and other special extras such as night service, public holidays, and train or airport services.

How much does transport cost?
There are several different tickets and fares available. For the metro, the one-way ticket costs €1.45. Return tickets are also available. They cost €2.60 and the return trip is valid up to 24 hours after purchase. Another option is the Bonometro ticket, which includes 10 journeys and costs €6.85. It can be shared between various people. It can be purchased at ticket windows and vending machines in metro stations, as well as in estancos (licensed tobacconists) and newspaper stands.
One-way tickets for the bus cost €1.50 and are available from the driver. The Bonobús pass can also be purchased in tobacconists and at newspaper stands. It is valid for 10 journeys, costs €7.50 and can be used by more than one person.

There are also combined tickets valid for both the underground and buses. This is the case of the T-1, T-2 and T-3 non-transferable cards, which permit unlimited journeys for one person, for one, two or three days respectively. They cost between €3.70 and €9.10.
Also available is the Valencia Card tourist card, which also offers unlimited use of bus and metro for one, two or three days. The price ranges from €15-€25 and it can be purchased at hotels, tourist offices and via the Internet ( It includes discounts for museums, leisure attractions, shops and restaurants.

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