Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Places & Vibes

What vibes you listen to when choosing a home or a holiday apartment? Share your experiences and show us the places that inspire you. What is your main criteria? What places give you the right vibes?

Valencia terraces:
These terraces simply "vibe" everybody. Enjoy the spectacular views that some of our short stay apartments in Valencia have to offer.

Most people prefer a holiday apartment over a hotel for the cooking facilities. What kitchens "vibe" you, and seduce you to cook a special meal? Do the kitchens in these short stay apartments inspire you?

In this place one usually spends about a 3rd of the day, so it better be perfect! What is important in a bedroom? Comfortable mattress and pillows, clean sheets and storage. What else? Do you like a fluffy feather-down duvet?

What vibes do you get from the bathrooms in the following short stay flats in Valencia? Share your experiences. Intimacy and freshness. Beauty and care.

Street views:
Share the views that these Valencian neighborhoods give you. These are the street views of some of our short stay apartments in Valencia. Book these places on www.shortstayvalencia.com. 

Living spaces:
What living rooms vibe you? What kind of decoration do you like? Modern or classic? Brick walls and wooden ceilings? Comfortable couches or design furniture? Share your vibes about the following living spaces in our short stay apartments in Valencia.

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