Sunday, May 13, 2012

Crazy Night of Football

All of these matches will begin tonight at 20:00 because so many of the games have a lot of weight in the final outcome of La Liga. Levante U.D. still has a chance for the fourth spot but it will take a lot of doing. There is also a lot of fighting to see who will be relegated next season.

Espanyol v Sevilla
Getafe v Zaragoza
Levante v Athletic Bilbao
Málaga v Sporting Gijón
Rayo Vallecano v Granada
Real Madrid v Mallorca
Racing Santander v Osasuna
Villarreal v Atlético Madrid

1 comment:

  1. Madre mia!
    Villareal a segunda!
    They started the season in the Champions League and finish the reason with a relegation.

    All my support to Martijn Ramaekers, president of the Belgian Fan Club Villareal.


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