Saturday, January 5, 2013

The Public Trough

This is what passes for a public drinking fountain in Valencia. From the looks of it you'd think it was what Ponce de Leon was looking for all those years. Most of the public drinking fountains in Valencia are incredibly ornate although few are this downright gorgeous. You notice the same eye towards fine craftsmanship with most of the street lights. This sort of public spending is what drives the Teabag retards crazy (and yes, they are all retards). Fuck it, let's just live in tents and not build anything for the public good. It worked for Attila. It looked like fun with no government in The Road Warrior.O r we could build beautiful cities that dare us all to be better citizens and inspire awe in visitors.  Or America could go the way of Detroit as is chronicled in these haunting photographs. American conservatives always insist that we need to get the government off our backs. These beautiful sculptures are the government. We are the government, at least we were when we were more of a democracy.  The whole conservative argument is just so silly but sad at the same time because so many people have bought into it.

Sic transit gloria mundi.

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