Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Matchday Six Permutations Explained

from www.uefa.com

While 13 of the places in the UEFA Champions League round of 16 are filled, including all four Spanish entrants, the remaining three remain up for grabs with holders Chelsea FC among the six teams in contention in the final group games on 4 and 5 December.

First place in four groups, with seeding in the round of 16 draw, will also be decided then as will the identities of five of the eight teams that will transfer to the UEFA Europa League round of 32 by finishing third. UEFA.com talks you through the permutations.

The round of 16 draw will be held in Nyon at 11.30CET on Thursday 20 December. The group winners will be drawn against the group runners-up, though no team can play a club they met in the group stage or from their own association. The away teams will be at home in the first legs on 12/13/19/20 February and away in the second legs on 5/6/12/13 March.

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