Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Un Franco, 14 Pesetas (2006)

One review of this charming film was titled “When Paradise was Called Switzerland” because a lot Spaniards went there to find work.  Actor Carlos Iglesias turns début writer-director to tell this story of his childhood, when thousands emigrated to Northern Europe to escape unemployment and poverty in Franco’s Spain. In 1960, Martín (director Iglesias) and Marcos (Gutiérrez) leave behind their families in Madrid to seek a wage to send home. Switzerland confounds their expectation, with its freedoms and its open, bright spaces. Despite the inevitable cultural misunderstandings, they find work and settle in to enjoy their new lives. As beautiful and as prosperous as life is for him and his family in Switzerland he longs for his home in Madrid, “Daría lo que fuera por estar en la Gran Vía tomándome una caña y viendo pasar gente” (I’d give anything to be on the Gran Via having a beer and people watching).

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