Saturday, October 8, 2011

Things to Do During a Weekend When There Is no Football

Because of Eurocopa qualifying matches there is no Liga this weekend.  No problem, we can find stuff to do. Valencia has plenty of art galleries, museums, and historical points of interest worth visiting. There are concerts and operas to attend. You could read a book. You could even take a short trip out of town to see one of the many lovely villages in the Valencia Community. You could leave town but there are no football games in any of those villages you were thinking about visiting so what’s the point? You could try to make a time machine to jump one week into the future to next weekend when there will be football. The time machine idea is highly unlikely in my case as I know so little about technology that I accidently deleted all of my family pictures from my hard drive. 

Oh my God, this is going to be the longest weekend ever!

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  1. a weekend is not a weekend when there is no liga. It is just a Saturday and a Sunday.


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