Tuesday, October 25, 2011

This is not paella

Antwerp, Belgium is an interesting place. It is full of Flemish people. In Spanish, the word for ´Flemish´ is flamenco, just like the clap-based style of Spanishmusic and dance that all British people say they love. People from Antwerp are called Sinjoren. It´s from the Spanish word señor. It has something to do with the time the Spanish crown controlled the Low Countries. Now we begin to see the deep connection between Spain and Flanders. But that´s not all. People from Spain love French fries. You can buy them everywhere in Spain, for instance McDonald´s. And I have read somewhere that Belgians have something to do with French fries, but I don´t know if that´s just an urban legend. Also, I´m pretty sure you can buy paella in Antwerp, but it probably has peas in it, so it´s not really paella. It´s just rice with other stuff in it. When a Brit says the word paella, he says the l´s, so it rhymes with fella, or What the hella? But Brits don´t hear much Flemish on their island, so they are forgiven. At any rate, we begin to recognize the many mystical cultural links of the wonderful world we live in. The world is a magical place and travel broadens the brain. You should visit Antwerp. They are famous for beer.

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