Tuesday, September 11, 2012

If You Like Liver You Will Love this Recipe

I have made this recipe twice already and can attest that it is wonderful. Wonderful and filling. Wonderful and filling and healthy. But I love liver so this is now among my favorite recipes.

Liver For The Blood

Chicken liver helps build healthy red blood cells, as it is very high in vitamin B12. This vitamin is needed to make DNA, and your body can store a few years' worth of it, so you don't need to eat very much organic chicken liver to obtain the right amount of vitamin B12. If you are vegetarian, consider eating chicken liver once a month or every few months to ensure you don't develop a deficiency in vitamin B12, which can cause anemia.

Liver For Your Skin

Chicken liver is high in riboflavin, or vitamin B2. This vitamin helps produce and repair tissues in your body, chiefly the skin. Eating chicken liver will make your skin smoother and more apt to deal with rashes and peelings. It will also improve the overall health of your internal tissues such as the inside of your gastrointestinal tract.

Liver For Cholesterol, Hemoglobin And Your Adrenals

Pantothenic acid, also known as vitamin B5, is a part of conenzyme A or CoA and is present in organic chicken. CoA assists your body in generating energy from and synthesizing steroid hormones and cholesterol. Hemoglobin also requires CoA for its synthesis, and your own liver uses this coenzyme to process toxins out of your body. Pantothenic acid also supports your adrenal glands, which aid your body in dealing with stress.

Liver For Thyroid Gland

Rich in selenium, chicken liver helps the thyroid gland remain healthy by supporting iodine within your body. Iodine helps the thyroid gland deal with toxins to keep your blood healthy, which affects all the systems in your body, since your red blood cells are responsible for the delivery of oxygen to every cell.

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